What’s Your Home Value?

CMA A Comparative Market Analysis determines current and fair market value, comparing similar homes in similar neighbourhoods. It looks for homes which have recently sold or are for sale. In a buyers market, homes are usually on the market for longer. In a sellers market, homes can sell faster for more dollars.

When you submit your address, I am able to send a general unseen value based on the current market. Once we get together, I can adjust the value based on upgrades or other factors and  can even give suggestions on how to increase the value.

Working as a real estate agent involves solving problems… what needs to happen in order to make it successful for the client? Terry Kruse

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Have you thought about selling your home? Real estate went a bit crazy earlier in the year and we’ve been hearing about rising interest rates cooling the market. The good news is that we have a lack of listings in Calgary so it‘s still a sellers’ market but it‘s become easier to buy. For sellers, prices have stabilized and because of the supply shortage, probably won’t decrease.

So, is this a good time for you to sell? Well, let’s meet and talk about it! If you’ve thought about selling, you owe it to yourself to at least see what your home is worth in this market. Don’t worry if you are not yet ready.

Interested? I’m happy to visit for a no obligation valuation and to discuss if selling and/or buying makes sense for you! I live nearby and know the area well. So well, you’ve probably seen me walking Harley past your house!

No time? Fill out the form at the top of this page or email your name, home address and phone number, so I can reply with a site unseen valuation. While an in-person walk-through is best, you will be emailed a value range based on comparable properties nearby. I look forward to hearing from you.

another happy home seller

Terry has a passion for what she does and is a professional and experienced real estate agent who made the process as smooth as possible. We had an excellent experience working with Terry. Definitely recommend!
Thanks Terry for all your help!!! ❤❤❤
Mariefel Hipos-Barlongo