Sometimes a big, wide-screen T.V. really has its place. Other times? You might want to go for a fresh, minimal look in your living room that involves hiding it altogether. Increasingly, home sellers are looking to camouflage their televisions when staging, and it’s easier than you might think! Here are some ideas:

Use sliding barn doors. Whether a set of full-size barn doors that slide across your entertainment unit when it’s not in use, or a smaller set that just span the height of your wall-mounted T.V., these are a quick and stylish way to make sure your screen stays out of sight when you’re not using it.

Use a pull-down piece of art. A vintage map or illustration that mounts above your T.V. and can be pulled down over it is another quick way to hide it. Choose something that compliments your decor so it can add a stylish element to your room when in use.

Install a cupboard that encloses the screen. A built-in cupboard that opens and closes or pulls apart like an accordion can be another way to store your T.V. You can leave the cupboard neutral in color so it looks like an extension of your entertainment unit, or treat it as a piece of art.

Hang a textile. Why not hang a textile piece of art, such as a rug or tapestry wall hanging over the space where your screen sits? When it’s time for a Netflix binge, simply take it down. When it’s no-screen time, just pop it back up!

Paint the wall behind the T.V. a dark colour. While this isn’t technically hiding your screen, painting the wall behind it a dark colour will allow the screen to blend in when it’s not being used, making it look more subtle.