Sometimes people think about luxury staging as a large-scale undertaking, including swapping out the couches and artwork in an out-dated home for a sleeker, more modern look that entices buyers.

The secret about staging, however, is that it’s really all about the details. Even small parts of your home can benefit from staging, and this includes closets. Buyers in the market for a luxury home are discerning. Not sure how a linen closet can possibly look luxurious? Here’s how:

Add shelving that’s stylish and durable. You want your shelves to hold what they need to, while being pleasing to look at. Go for stainless steel, luxury hardwood or a minimalist high-gloss white. Make sure they’re deep enough to hold whatever boxes or containers they need to.

Think about the containers. Whatever you’re storing in your linen closet, be it actual linens, pantry supplies or off-season clothing, store it in receptacles that look stylish. This could include oversized wicker baskets, upholstered file boxes or smaller containers made from marble or glass.

Add luxury touches here too. Just because your linen closet is a functional space, it doesn’t mean it has to be completely utilitarian. A linen closet can be a great place to add some grasscloth or boldly-patterned wallpaper for a fun surprise, or an embellished flushmount light.

Staging Tip: Store some things off-site. At the end of the day, it’s hard to stage a closet luxuriously if it’s packed full of supplies. If you’re short on storage space, consider storing some of your items in an external storage locker while you stage and sell your home.