A true luxury kitchen is a thing to behold, from high-end chef’s appliances to dazzling marble countertops. Now that you have all the features and fixtures your heart desires, however, it’s time to go about decorating–or staging–your space for optimal enjoyment. Here are some tips:

Go minimalist. Often less is more when it comes to decorating your kitchen. To avoid taking away from high-end fixtures and finishes, keep your space clutter-free. A simple bowl to hold fruit, or a particularly exquisite French press can be appropriate accents, but keep everything that’s non-essential tucked away inside cupboards. That’s what they’re there for, after all! You can also opt for a subtle bouquet or some greenery to give your kitchen a pop of nature.

Evoke a mood. Whether you’re decorating for yourself or staging your home to sell, you want your kitchen to remind you of something amazing. Maybe this means setting up a Nespresso machine and some pods in a sleek bowl, or displaying a bottle of wine on the counter with two delicate wine glasses. Maybe a pitcher of water with some decorative mint springs in it.

Add texture. Though it’s often best to stick with neutral colours when it comes to central parts of your kitchen—think walls and cabinets—a little bit of texture can also add some character. A textured rug can be a great addition, as can some luxurious dish towels or a carefully curated stack of comfort food cookbooks.

The key to decorating or staging a kitchen is to let the main elements take center stage. If your kitchen features custom cabinetry and high-end appliances, let those be the focal points. When it comes to styling, accessorize with minimal items that evoke moods and compliment the space’s overall look.