There are some obvious elements that could lower your home’s resale value, and you can probably think of some of them, like living next to a waste plant or having floor-to-ceiling 70s wallpaper in every room. But these less obvious aspects that could decrease your home’s value might surprise you:

Appliances That Aren’t Stainless Steel
Like it or not, stainless steel appliances have become the quintessential look most homeowners are after. So even though your black or white appliances may chug along just fine, you risk losing value when it comes to your kitchen.

Wall-to-Wall Carpets
Carpets are cozy, right? Turns out that buyers don’t feel that way when it comes to carpet everywhere. Not only can they trap allergens and require regular cleaning, but they more easily fall victim to trends, unlike a throw rug, which can be swapped out. To add value to your home, opt for laminate or hardwood flooring.

Cheap or Outdated Kitchen Cabinets
Cabinets made of particleboard are common in some buildings, as they’re cheap to install. They are, however, also prone to peeling and warping. Make sure you repair or replace these before listing your home. Additionally, cabinets that have a distinctly 80’s or 90’s feel can also decrease your home’s value. Before selling, give them a fresh coat of paint and swap out the hardware for something with a more modern feel.

An Unused or Unstaged Outdoor Space
Buyers want to see themselves having a coffee in the sun on a stone patio or entertaining in a landscaped garden come summer. It’s crucial that they be able to see themselves living in all parts of your home, including valuable outdoor space. If your backyard isn’t landscaped or is otherwise underutilized, your home’s value could decrease.