A garden might not seem like a homeowner’s priority in a place like Canada, where long winters are common and much of the year is spent indoors when you live in certain regions. Having some manicured green space where one might laze away a summer afternoon or enjoy a morning coffee, however, can actually set your home apart. These luxurious garden trends are having a moment right now:

Stone Pathways
Winding a pathway through some greenery is both whimsical and practical. You can do this with stepping stones, wooden planks, concrete pavers, flagstone, and more.

Water Feature
There’s something so classically tranquil about a water feature in a garden. Though most have to be drained or physically stored indoors during the colder months, they make a lovely feature for the rest of the year and give a garden that true oasis-like feel.

Raised Planters
Luxury can also mean freedom—the freedom to step into your back garden and pick a selection of fresh flowers for your bedroom or some seasonal vegetables to grill on the patio. Raised garden beds provide a portable solution and are easier to manage, as you don’t have to bend down so much.

Gazebo or Tea House
When the sun is beating down, luxury buyers still want to be able to enjoy a drink or some quiet time outdoors, and nothing beats a quaint gazebo or a Japanese-themed tea house for that. These also extend your entertaining space, which can boost property value.