If you’re planning on selling a luxury property, you’ll need the assistance of an expert agent. But there’s still a lot you can do on your own to help move the process along. Luxury real estate is always a great investment, and you can be sure you’ll see the profit you’re looking for if you learn how to think like a high-end real estate agent.

Create a psychological “buyer profile.” If you’re trying to sell your home to a specific type of buyer, you need to know the details of their personality: how they live, what their motivations are, what types of things they value in a property. Luxury homebuyers belong to a higher income bracket than the average consumer, and, as such, will be more discerning in their house hunt.

Know what qualities will sell your property. Besides architectural features and awe-inspiring views, you should be very aware of the key features of your property that set it apart from other properties on the market. Luxury homebuyers won’t settle on the first property they tour just because it has an updated kitchen. They’ll be more likely to be sold on very unique features, such as natural privacy, a pool or proximity to private schools.

Use social media to market your home. Selling a home is an art and a science. While most homes today are sold via online listings on an MLS, don’t underestimate the power of Instagram to highlight the qualities of your home. Luxury homebuyers spend a lot of time on the internet and there are a variety of high-end real estate hashtags that might put your home on the map. Especially if you’re trying to market to the millennial demographic, don’t discount the power of a good Instagram and other social tools to get the word out to the right buyer.

Know that you’re selling a lifestyle. Not only are luxury homebuyers looking for elegance and sophistication, but they’re also looking for a home they can visualize themselves in. You don’t need to update every single appliance, but it is generally a good idea to stage your home in a way that makes it stylish and impeccable to your guests. Set out flowers, introduce a few coffee table books into your living room, and hang some notable wall art.