Planning a bathroom renovation in anticipation of selling your home? Maybe you’ve just purchased a home and haven’t decided exactly how you’re going to modernize some of the most well-traveled rooms. Either way, let this year’s luxury bathroom trends be an inspiration for you as you create a true upscale oasis.

Gold Finishes
Gold finishes, including taps and vanity hardware, have grown increasingly in popularity and are likely to be a major “want” item on luxury owners’ lists for the year. Keep the finishes minimalist in design for a look that’s decadent without being overwhelming.

Usher in a tropical vibe with some greenery for your luxury bathroom. Trailing vines are having a moment, but succulents and snake plants can be great options for bathrooms because they thrive in areas without natural light. Either way, bringing the outdoors in just adds that touch of serenity before you face the day.

Quirky Tiles
For a look that’s high quality with an edge, try a different kind of tile other than square or rectangular. We’ll likely be seeing a desire for tiles that are octagon or hexagon-shaped, or even something more striking. Still prefer a minimalist look? Opt for contemporary shapes in plain white.

Freestanding Bath
Ah yes, the queen of all soaker tubs—the spacious, freestanding tub is a popular feature. Bathrooms that have the space would really benefit from a freestanding tub for those lazy Sunday mornings or post-work relaxation sessions.

Showers With Recessed Shelves
Showers should be stylish but also functional too. Stay on trend with some recessed shelving in your shower. Not only can this hold things you need like loofahs and beauty products, but it’s a great place to light some candles when you need a spa-like retreat.