A lavish, marble bathroom upgrade may not be in everyone’s budget, nor an elaborate third-storey extension. If you’re looking for some simple, but underrated home upgrades that will boost buyer appeal, however, try these:

Heated Floors
In Canada, winter can seem to drag on forever. One thing that ups the cozy factor? Heated floors. Not only do they feel luxurious underfoot, but over time, they may actually save you energy by replacing the need to crank up the forced air constantly.

Dimmer Switches
So easy and affordable, dimmers should be everyone’s secret weapon. They provide the brightest light when necessary, but can transform a room’s ambience just as quickly. You can find them at most Canadian hardware stores.

Double Vanities
If you have the space, installing a second sink in your master bathroom can boost your home’s value and make bathroom time way more functional.

Mud Room
If you have even the smallest space available near one of your outdoor exits, turning it into a formal mud room will appeal to families and pet owners alike. Nobody likes to trek through a home in winter boots. Add a large outdoor rug, as much storage as you can, a full-length mirror and a utility sink, if possible.

Upstairs Laundry
Swapping your laundry to the second floor—where bedrooms usually are—can pack a lot of punch. Think how much easier it is than trekking up and down basement stairs with an oversized laundry hamper.

Remember, the best upgrades aren’t always large-scale or luxurious. Sometimes, it’s all about making everyone’s life just a little bit easier.