There are some design features that just never go out of style. So whether you’re looking for a timeless home or wondering what you should modernize on your current luxury property, pay close attention to features like these. If your home has them, consider yourself lucky!

Windows with stained glass elements. There’s just something decadent about a grand window with stained or etched glass embellishments. While it’s true that older windows are sometimes less energy efficient, if you’re looking to modernize, try keeping the panes themselves and adding accessories that keep the heat in instead of swapping out the windows altogether.

Built-in storage. Built-in bookcases or shelving units are a common feature in older luxury homes and they add a look that’s equal parts classic, cozy and elegant. If your luxury home comes with built-in shelving, consider embracing it! Not only does it save space while adding valuable storage, but it has a stylish look that’s hard to recreate.

Original hardwood. Original hardwood flooring is often more durable and stylish than today’s laminate. It lends a rich texture and sometimes have a unique pattern that give a home a grand, luxurious feel that’s inimitable with some of today’s flooring material. Consider retaining your luxury’s home’s original flooring if it’s an older property and let its history shine.

Moldings. Original architectural details like crown moldings, wainscoting or oversized doorframes can often be found in older luxury homes and they add visual interest as well as a classic feel. These touches are definitely worth hanging onto, and, as a bonus, can be added to a new-build to set it apart.