Nobody wants to spend their precious time doing laundry, but all of us know that it’s inevitable. It should come as no surprise then, that buyers want a durable, functional space to wash and hang clothing, as well as one that’s pleasant enough to spend time in. Here’s how to take your laundry room to the next level:

Think about where it is. Most people want their laundry to be as close to bedrooms as possible. Schlepping loads of laundry down the stairs to a dark basement is an annoyance at best and a tripping hazard at worst. If it’s possible, locate your laundry space near where the laundry piles up, even if that happens to be on an upper floor near the bedrooms. If that’s not possible, consider installing a laundry chute.

A solid surface for folding. Kitchens might be the most obvious place for a solid marble or butcher block counter, but don’t forget your laundry room. A spacious surface for folding and holding items you use regularly is key, and there’s no reason you can’t splurge on high-quality materials.

Luxury finishes. Much like countertops, it’s often bathrooms and kitchens that get the upscale finishes like marble counters or brass plumbing fixtures. But laundry rooms benefit from those too and can give your luxury home an edge when it comes to this overlooked space.

An oversized, and aesthetically pleasing, utility sink. Having a sink in a laundry room is a big bonus, but don’t stop with any old unit. Opt for a durable farmhouse style or an oversized stainless-steel model that’s as practical as it is striking to look at. Luxury buyers will thank you!

Luxurious lighting. Oversized windows that let in natural light are a big bonus in any laundry room, but if the location doesn’t permit that, opt for a well-lit space that uses high-end fixtures. There’s no reason you can’t have a contemporary pendant light in a laundry room!