Contemporary living can definitely leave one feeling like chaos reigns. From juggling multiple roles at work and home to constantly keeping up with social media, doesn’t it just seem like life seems to lack simplicity sometimes? If you’re someone who has taken stock of the chaos in your life and want to eliminate some of the physical and mental time vortexes, here are some of the best places to start:

Toss out anything expired. Don’t know where to start when it comes to getting rid of items? Start by getting rid of things that are clearly expired, whether that’s pantry items, cosmetics or out-dated magazines. These are easy wins, and you might be surprised by how encouraged you become after getting the process started.

Find a place for seasonal or occasional items. Another easy way to streamline your life is by storing things that add clutter, yet don’t get much use. From Christmas ornaments to extra kitchen chairs, find a place for these things that’s out of sight and out of mind.

Don’t forget digital. Phones and laptops are easy places for documents and images to pile up without noticing. Not only does this slow down your device, but if either decides to crash, you might find some of those files lost forever. Take the time to back up files to the cloud or an external hard drive. This can also be a good time to delete apps you don’t use.

Limit distractions. Sometimes clutter can be more than just physical. Do you find your schedule frequently sabotaged by out-of-control social media use or a growing email inbox? Try limiting these activities to a certain time of day or a set amount of time, so they don’t infiltrate your life.